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Classy Pedicure

Perfect for the toes on the go! Our Classy Pedicure includes nail and cuticle work, exfoliant, foot massage and polish to perfection.
* Please note this pedicure does not included our famous callus removal

Tropical Dream Pedicure

Treat your feet to a lush feast of tropical fruit with this innovative treatment infused with the power of mangos, tangerine and lemon. Includes the classic pedicure, sugar scrub, deep callus treatment, marine mask with hot towels.

The Gentlemen Pedicure

This restorative men's treatment begins with a foot soak followed by meticulous detailing of nails and cuticle area, removal of rough, callused skin, a relaxing foot and lower leg massage with hydration lotion and hot stone, topped off with a steamed hot towel and buffing go the nails of application of clear nail topcoat if desired.

Bubbly Pedicure

This bubbly pedicure is a complete Oxygen Pedicure System with four simple pedicure steps to detox, renew, cleanse and nourish. It includes Bubbly Soak, Sugar Scrub, Bubbly Mud Mask and Massage Butter in three scent-sational aromas. Enriched with key ingredients to give your client’s feet the nutrition it needs, O2 Bubbly Spa is an excellent deep cleansing treatment combined with the bubbliest spa pedicure experience.

Aloe Vera Pedicure

All-natural pure relaxation. Designed to moisturize, revitalize, and naturally hydrate the skin. Aloe Vera is known as an intensive but gentle conditioner. This pedicure is full of Vitamin E, is an excellent treatment for skin conditions such as burns and eczema. It also helps to maintain blood vessels and promote circulation. Includes the treatment of a heel which seals in moisture and provides complete hydration, leaving you renewed with soft, silky smooth skin. Finished with a choice of hot-stone OR paraffin wax.


Do you want to wake up every day feeling rejuvenated? This pedicure will be the background of helping you to get there. The Detox pedicure contains black charcoal which is a highly effective detoxifying ingredient. Black charcoal acts as a magnet where it deeply absorbs and cleanses inflammation within your feet and leaves a relieving feeling. Not only does it detox, but it also draws out deep impurities and replenishes the skins with nourishment moisturizer. The Pedi spa detox continual dry cracked skins and replenish you with new soften skins. This pedicure comes with your choice of hot stone or paraffin wax which will leave you with a soothing feeling every time.

Peppermint Pedicure (aches and pain relaxation)

This unique pedicure uses all of the cooling peppermint ingredients you will need to relax your body and mind. This pedicure helps relax and work out sore muscles, aches and pains in the feet and calves. Enjoy a pleasurable foot soak in delicate, minty water followed by a cooling peppermint masque, exfoliator and rich peppermint cream massaged in leg, feet and toes followed by your choice of hot stone OR paraffin wax.

Milk and Honey Pedicure

Our Milk and Honey pedicure come with a blend of milk and honey naturally help calm soothe and moisturize the skin with vital nutrients instant soft to the touch, leaves skin with no oily feeling, sit back and enjoy the experience of the ancient by soaking in milk bath and cleansed with honey sugar scrub gently removing dead skin and increasing hydration. Pedicure is followed by an intense butter cream massage and foot mask then wrapped with steaming towels. Complete the journey with your choice of a paraffin wax OR hot-stone massage to allow for a deeper penetration of moisture.

Volcano Spa Pedicure

Volcano Spa Pedicure is a luxurious 5-step pedicure kit designed to give clients an exhilarating pedicure treatment like they've never experienced before. The fun "Volcano Eruption" releases luxury fragrance into the air, filling the room with the lovely aroma. Detox Volcano Crystals and Activators combine to create an invigorating and detoxifying soak with an enjoyable bubble explosion! Complete the pedicure treatment with an exfoliating sugar scrub, collagen cream mask, and collagen massage lotion made with organic based ingredients to purify and hydrate skin. This pedicure gives you a choice of extra hot-stone pedicure OR paraffin wax: The natural products leave the pedicure bowl free of residue, making clean up fast and easy. This unique spa experience will keep clients coming back for more!

Collagen Spa Pedicure

Formulated to relieve stress with natural sugars and oils to boost the vibrancy of skin helping tone and renew texture, while collagen diminishes lines and wrinkles leaving skin younger-looking and feeling smooth. The collagen crystals create a warm soothing bath made with natural sea salt that detoxifies and soothes skin. The natural sugars and oils boost vibrancy of skin helping tone and renew texture, while collagen diminishes lines and wrinkles leaving skin younger looking and feeling smooth. This creamy mask draws out impurities and added collagen helps to maintain skin's youthful beauty. The muscle relaxing gel and hot stone massage will instantly revitalize tired legs and ease muscle tension. The creamy lotion and paraffin wax will hydrate and moisturize with natural oils and plant-based collagen will leave your skin silky and smooth throughout the day. This pedicure included a packet of collagen serum lotion as a free gift to maintain skin softness throughout the day.

Golden Mystic Pedicure

Gold is not only the symbol of wealth but also a mystique ingredient known for renewing, revitalizing and healing powers on physical and mental health. This strongly inspires us to offer you a luxury Golden Mystique Spa treatment that is a well-designed 5-step system. The process starts with a Golden mineral water bath, which assists in the removal of dead skin cells, kills fungus and strengthens nails. The Golden Gel Mask is then applied on your legs to increase the amount of nutrients and oxygen in the skin cells, eliminate fine lines and wrinkles and firm aging skin. The treatment is followed by Golden Scrub which exfoliates completely dead skin cells to make your skin look more vibrant and youthful. After dead skin removal, your skin is ready for the moisturizing step with massages by our Golden Cream-a thick, rich and concentrated cream specialized for deep tissue work and hydration and finished up with our hydration paraffin wax.


Experience the latest trend with our Jelly Pedicures! This pedicure takes your typical pedicure experience to the next level... and we can't wait for you to try it. The Jelly solution is added to warm water, it instantly starts to become a translucent, fluffy jelly which will retain its heat up to four times longer than regular water. Within minutes, what began as a tub of water evolves into a luxurious jelly bath like watching a magic trick while invigorating the nerves and tired muscles. Feeling the bits of jelly between your toes and around all the muscles is a very relaxing way to enjoy a unique spa experience. The benefits of the Jelly Pedicures are that the dense jelly mixture massages strained muscle and acts as a gentle exfoliate. Jelly retains water naturally and combined with fragrant oils in the Jelly Pedicure keeps your feet moisturized and softens dry cracked skin. This pedicure also comes with hot stone and paraffin wax which leave you even more relaxing and soothing when you leave our salon.

Argan oil Pedicure

The EntityR Argan Oil collection includes Revitalizing Cuticle Drops to promote stronger nails and hydrating cuticles, featuring Grapeseed and Avocado oils as well as Argan oil. The Argan Oil Renewal Scrub resurfaces skin with non-stinging, natural cane sugar in whipped Argan Oil and humectants. This scrub is made using a unique cold manufacturing process and soothing gel base to avoid mess. We used hot stones with the Argan Oil Daily Replenishing Lotion to massage your leg and this product is formulated from Argan oil in its pure and concentrated form to infuse skin with antioxidants and ultra-hydrating benefits. The Argan Oil Restorative Massage Butter deeply hydrates and rejuvenates with a blend of whipped Argan Oil, and Shea and Cocoa butters. Lastly, we will finish your pedicure up with our paraffin wax and complete your services with a color of your choice.

All pedicure services include lower leg and foot reflexology massage, nails trim, shaping, cuticle condition, callus remover & polish to perfection.



Gel Manicure
Gel Polish Change (Fingernails)
Gel Polish Change (Toenails)
Regular Polish Change (Fingernails)
Regular Polish Change (Toenails)
Ombre Pink & White
Ombre Colors


None Yellow Acrylic (Full set/Fill in)
Pink & White (Solar) (Full set/Fill in)
Color Powder (Full set/Fill in)
SNS On Natural Nails
SNS With Removal
SNS With Extension
Add Manicure with SNS


Nail Design
French/American Polish
Take-off SNS/Acrylic
Chrome Nail Art
Jewel Nail Art
Special Shape
Nail Repair
2-Big Toes
2-Big Toes (Fill)
Gel Polish Add Ons


Kid Pedicure
$27 (on kids chairs)
Kid Manicure
Kid Gel Polish Change On Toes
Kid Gel Polish Change On Hands


Center Brows Only
Feet & Toes
Whole Face
Lower/Upper Arms
Whole Arms
Lower/Upper Legs
Whole Legs



Tinted Eyebrows
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